Think about it
The new commercial office space is not in a shiny tower,
it's steps away from your employees' homes.
Just like on a game show, we give you
3 Options
Outright Purchase

Just like shopping online, you're buying your WorkPods outright and are responsible for them after delivery. We recommend adding our security and uptime monitoring service, or you can put that on your IT team's shoulders. Although the lowest cost option, we do not recommend outright purchases unless your company is willing and able to understand and support a distributed office network.

Basic Lease

After delivery, pay per sf and we'll include our security monitoring service for free, but charge you directly for pick-up, storage, and re-delivery when employees change. You would be responsible for all other costs including insurance, maintenance, repairs, etc. that exceed the factory warranty.

Full Service Lease

Our full service lease includes concierge employee support, security and uptime monitoring, at-cost pick-up, storage, and delivery when employees change, plus priority maintenance and repairs. We'll cover your WorkPods and employees with insurance, and include those costs in your monthly lease.

It's the bees' knees!
Full-Service Lease

This is where commercial office space changes. If you can give your employees all the best parts of working from home but with the professional space to be their most productive selves, why wouldn't you?

The list to the right is how we make sure this transition is smoother than a baby's bottom.

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Concierge employee support is quite literally that, a simple phone call or button press and our live agent will diagnose and remotely repair just about any concerns your employee may have. For issues that need a skilled hand, our nationwide network of professionals is just hours away from getting you back online or getting that leak fixed or the A/C cooling again.

Our security and uptime monitoring service will constantly monitor the door lock and camera systems for unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. We monitor for quality, constant 110v source power and robust internet connectivity, immediately notifying the employee of any interruptions.

Employee turnover is inevitable, and we take the post-employment process seriously. When notified by your HRIS (we're connected, remember?) we'll lock the door until our pick-up/delivery driver shows up. If the employee forgot any personal items inside, the delivery driver can let them in while physically monitoring the situation (remote support can too, for important items like a misplaced cellphone).

The delivery team will remove and either store your furniture and electronics for the next employee or dispose of them according to your policies. We won't charge you a single day on the lease that your pod wasn't in service. As good citizens of this earth we will either clean the WorkPod and sell it as used or break it down and recycle the pieces.

As for insurance, we have custom-built policies with national and regional providers to ensure the best possible value in coverage and speed of claims processing. This includes injury protection of your authorized employee while inside the WorkPod (just like the landlord at an office building would), but your HR team will need to maintain all other types of worker's comp and associated insurances.

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