August 19, 2020
Heating and Air-Conditioning

To make WorkPods as comfortable as possible, we've designed an entirely new, super-efficient heating and cooling module.

With HEPA air filtration and UV germicidal disinfecting standard, we ensure your employees are safely isolated while they are "at work".


Our new HVAC unit provides heating and cooling in small spaces. Its compact size allows it to be installed in a variety of places without taking much space. Lightweight and robust construction with simple installation. Temperature conveniently controlled by a networked smart thermostat.

  • 10,500 BTU/h cooling capacity
  • Efficient heating at as low as-30 °F ambient temperature controlled by a networked smart thermostat
  • Compact size with small footprint for use in tight spaces
  • Lightweight, robust construction with simple installation
  • Slinger fan system increases the condenser efficiency
  • Easy access, HEPA replaceable filter
  • Pre-installed and designed for quiet operation

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