"WorkPods are the next generation of Commercial Office Space. All around just a better option."
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Better for Employees,
Better for Companies,
Better for the Environment!

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We'll handle everything regarding your new office space, including best practices for employee normalization and interactions.

Fit for your new culture

Work-from-home is the new normal. You can struggle to survive or embrace it and thrive.

About US
We're designing the future of office work.

Although COVID-19 really thrust Work-from-home into the spotlight, our team has worked remotely for years. We used coffee shops, bedrooms, kitchen counters and bean bag chairs. There was/is a problem though: LIFE. It gets in the way! Kids, pets, significant others all vying for our attention.

Co-working popped up, and companies like WeWork exploded. People needed a place to go that allowed them to escape the distractions, while still benefiting from proximity to other professionals. Unfortunately, the new norm is to stay as far away from other people as possible.

Larger corporate offices have taken the biggest hit, with many of the Fortune 1000 adopting a WFH future. They are realizing now, after the honeymoon period wears off, that the initial productivity bump they got will quickly go out the window.

That's why we built an office-in-a-box. All of the distraction-less work environment, without the commute or the exposure of an actual office building. Using miniaturized HVAC and innovative electrical systems and security, along with a robust full-service logistics platform, WorkPods stands to be the future of office work!

Electronic communication only!

We are unable to accept requests to visit our manufacturing facility, and all HQ personnel work from their very own WorkPods! Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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best-in-class benefits

More like a startup than a manufacturer, we provide the very best benefits we can afford for our employees.

entrepreneurial mindset

We encourage and reward our employees for coming up with great ideas! Everyone is an owner here at WorkPods, so we all win!

deep care for our team

Family, life, finances. We care deeply and make sure that we provide a substantial and fulfilling career here at WorkPods.

People Behind the Pods
Meet our team
Chief Executive Officer
Jacob Schuler

A cross-functional serial entrepreneur, Jacob is the mastermind behind WorkPods and our future-of-work philosophies.

Production Manager
Cody Schuler

Interested in how the pragmatism of the traditional craftsman can create new design, he focuses on simplicity to spur technical innovations.

Chief Culture & Communications Officer
Nate Ghering

If Jacob is the brain and Cody is the brawn, Nate is the heart of WorkPods. Bringing his significant communications, people and creative skills to bear, Nate ensures what we do and say reveals who we are.

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