Why Settle for Less?
Better for Employees,
Better for Companies,
Better for the Environment!

Office work has basically been the same for centuries, with little advances here and there like Air Conditioning and Water Coolers.

Be a part of the real office revolution, and make a difference to your employees, your bottom line, and Mother Nature!

This is deep
If Work-From-Home is the new normal, it should benefit everyone

A global pandemic doesn't have to set back our planet-saving goals.

Shop WOrkods

Honestly, I know this is just tooting out own horn, but WorkPods are about to be the best thing to happen to white-collar America.

People are tired of spending hours in the car commuting to work. So is the planet. Electric cars, solar panels, and alternative energy will help, but what if we didn't have to move around so much?

Companies can save a ton of money on office space, maybe even re-direct those funds into better employee benefits (hint, hint). They can hire the best employees, no matter where they live. Employees can literally hop to work or back home to take care of a sick kid.

At the end of the day, the planet will thank you for being proactive.

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