Work-from-home can be challenging...
are private offices, delivered.
Remote is the new "open office concept"

Pick a size that fits your culture & budget.

The C-Suite

With extra room for that enlarged ego, the C-Suite floorplan includes an oversized desk and room for yoga. Receptionist not included.

The Executive

With a wide-open feel like the C-Suite, the Executive WorkPod imbues a sense of accomplishment and authority over the four elements while reminding your executive there is still more to achieve.

The VP

Our "normal" size office, the VP WorkPod is designed for video conferencing and computer work. There's lots of elbow room and natural light to make your employee feel right

The Cubicle

Our smallest recommended option, the Cubicle is for high-volume employers like call centers. At 24sf it is great for an isolated office space just a few steps from home.

Parka or Pajamas?
Built to be placed anywhere.

No need to choose now, we'll work with each employee to ship the one that fits their needs.


Built to fit inside a 1 car garage, our indoor version includes noise-dampening walls and remote-mount networking options.


Put it in the driveway or the backyard, our outdoor version is meant to withstand rain, snow, hail, and heat. Outdoor leveling legs and outdoor-rated power cord keep it level and safe.

Outdoor Extreme

For employees that live above 45°N or below 20°N latitudes, our extreme weather office has upgraded HVAC and 2x thicker insulation to withstand the worst that mother nature can throw at it.

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